Our Curriculum

sa réponse other Islamic Studies
Our teachers guide students of all ages through each Islamic studies grade level. Our students learn about the life of the Prophet (saw) and the revelation of the Holy Quran. Our main goals is to give your children the Islamic knowledge, skills and practice in a fun and meaningful way, while also providing a Muslim environment of friendship and practice.
We want them to believe in Allah in their hearts and recognize that He is their Lord.
» We want the children to have knowledge of the teaching and practices of Islam.
» We want the children to have curiosity to know why Islam is the best way of life.
» We want the children to develop Muslim friends, excellent character, manners and respectful demeanor.
» We want the children to be able to deal in excellent Muslim manners with non-Muslims and with compassion & kindness for the Needy
» We want children to be proud of their Islamic beliefs, teachings and heritage, and explain it to non-Muslims in a coherent and compelling way

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Our Quranic Studies curriculum consists of the reading, vocabulary comprehension, and memorization of the Quran. We have many experienced teachers who assist our students with the pronunciation, memorization, and understanding of the Quran.